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Zygerus: Partners

Rayse walked into the precinct office of the Zygerus Circuit Security. She had been summoned to the office by her commanding officer, Commander Urether, for a new assignment and to meet her new partner. Rayse had been a beat cop, walking the streets of Zygerus in quadrant three, zone sixty-five, between Alsuria and Dearen, and Fodge and Hilkanz Streets in the suburb of Miltzenax.


The Security Shuttle was cruising along on the crowded circuit heading toward one of Zygerus’ artificial moons: Generator. The Circuit was a marked travel corridor for trams, shuttles, cargo runners, and other craft running between Zygerus, its stations, and artificial moons. The thoroughfare consisted of dozens of space lanes and crisscrossed the orbits of Zygerus, connecting all of the geostationary objects within the planetary system together.

Xaxyn was in her booster seat as she piloted the patrol craft assigned to the pair of investigators. Rayse was seated beside her, enjoying the view. It was Rayse’s first time off world and she couldn’t believe how small the artificial planet looked from this far out. They were halfway to Generator. “Have you ever been to Generator?” Xaxyn asked.

“No. It’s my first time,” Rayse said, without taking her eyes from the steadily shrinking orb of Zygerus. “How about you?”

“I was built and activated on Generator,” Xaxyn said. “And, I’ve been back several times a cycle for upgrades and repairs.”

“What kind of upgrades have you had?”

“I’ve had hundreds of them,” Xaxyn explained. “I’ve got multiple forensic upgrades, tech hack packages, tactical upgrades, enhanced armor plating, placator pulse nodes, numerous height extensions … you name it, I’ve probably had it done.”

Rayse was impressed. She’s known many biomechanoids over her life, and has seen some amazing and wide-ranging upgrades on them, but from the sounds of it, Xaxyn’s upgrades were all geared toward her work, making her a more efficient investigator. She turned her attention to the doll-like biomech piloting the shuttle. Beneath the biomech’s deceptive appearance, Xaxyn was a seasoned professional and a walking, talking, crime lab. Rayse was impressed by her new partner.

A light on the shuttle’s control panel began flashing and a tone of was heard. “What’s that?” Rayse asked.

“Dispatch is trying to reach us,” Xaxyn explained, reaching for the light. She tapped the control and a holographic image of Captain Horbus’s head materialized on the dashboard of the shuttle. “Patrol shuttle three-one-six,” his disembodied voice said over the open comm link.

“Shuttle three-one-six here. Go ahead dispatch,” Xaxyn replied.

Captain Horbus’ bust turned toward the little biomech. His voice came through the security shuttle’s internal speakers and said, “We’ve just detected an executive emergency alarm at Ihdris Enterprises.”

“Ihdris Enterprises?” Rayse replied. “Isn’t that all the way in Thod?” Thod was the worker moon in Zygerus. It’s where most of the Circuit’s corporations were based from, most of the worker population worked and lived, and where the vast majority of the products manufactured within Zygerus were produced. “It’s all the way in the other direction.”

“It is,” Captain Horbus said, “but it can’t be helped. We don’t have any investigators in the area. We need you to investigate the alarm and ensure the executive is safe.”

“We are on our way,” Xaxyn replied. The biomechanoid closed the communications channel and the disembodied holographic head of their Captain disappeared from the dashboard. The shuttle pulled off the Circuit and accelerated at maximum speed toward the interconnected spheres of Thod.

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