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Zygerus: Partners

Rayse walked into the precinct office of the Zygerus Circuit Security. She had been summoned to the office by her commanding officer, Commander Urether, for a new assignment and to meet her new partner. Rayse had been a beat cop, walking the streets of Zygerus in quadrant three, zone sixty-five, between Alsuria and Dearen, and Fodge and Hilkanz Streets in the suburb of Miltzenax.


The elevator doors opened into the Ihdris Enterprise’s main lobby and reception area. Corialis took half a step out and stopped cold when he saw Rayse and Xaxyn heading their way. “We’ve got company.”

Nize didn’t see the Investigators. “What’s the hold up?” the brutish man asked, giving his partner a sharp shove out of the way, so he could exit the elevator before the doors closed on him.

Corialis stumbled forward. Trying to catch himself, he slipped and was sent sprawling. When the placator in his hand hit the floor, the weapon went off, sending a blast of energy rushing away from him and toward the approaching Investigators. They leaped out of the way of the placator blast and quickly sought cover.

Stepping off the elevator with the unconscious executive slumped over his shoulder, Nize yelled. “What the hell are you doing, Corialis? This wasn’t part of the plan!” Their plan originally called for neither of them to fire off a shot. However, Corialis, up to this point, had fired off two shots during this mission. It was an unacceptable development.

Rayse took cover behind a couch and coffee table. Reaching for the wand at her hip, she tapped the control that shifted the weapon into handgun mode. She fired several shots towards the big guy, while he ran along the wall toward the courtesy desk. They missed him. Behind the courtesy desk, he stashed the placated executive and fired several energy bolts back at the magenta-hued Investigator.

Rayse’s actions bought time for Xaxyn to retreat behind the receptionist’s desk, her arm transforming into a placator cannon as she ran. Once behind adequate cover, she slipped her cannon arm out from the side of the desk and unleashed a massive blast of energy in Corialis’ direction. Corialis felt the energy pass just inches above his body. He fired several shots in return as he scrambled to his feet and hurried toward another set of couches and coffee table. He flipped the table over and used it for protection as he fired another blast from his placator wand toward the little biomech at the receptionist’s desk.

Celcia couldn’t believe what was taking place around her. She watched in stunned awe at the exchange of placator energy between the pair of security investigators and the men that sought to kidnap Ihdris Enterprise’s CEO. Only when a stray placator bolt singed the desk next to her, did she finally get the hint that it was time to get moving. She somersaulted, flipped, and rolled away from the line of fire and hid behind a bulky art installation. She watched the firefight with apt interest. It was the most excitement she had seen in revolutions.

Several more rounds of placator energy crisscrossed the lobby between the security investigators and the kidnappers. Neither side seemed ready to give up the fight.

Xaxyn called out, “Surrender now and save yourself some trouble.”

Corialis responded with another blast from his placator. He had no intention of surrendering himself or their quarry. There were a lot of shares on the line and he was determined to get paid for his efforts.

Nize grumbled, “Idiot!” He knew this wasn’t going to end well, unless they started talking to each other. He decided that he needed to take the initiative. “Hold your fire. I want to talk.”

A few more bolts of placator energy were exchanged between Corialis and Xaxyn. However, Rayse hesitated. “What is there to talk about? You’ve taken an Ihdris Enterprises’ executive hostage.”

“Hostage?” Nize said confused. “He’s not our hostage. He’s our bounty.”

That got Xaxyn’s attention. She held her fire. “You’re bounty hunters?”

Corialis continued to fire at the Investigators, choosing to ignore the conversation passing between Nize and Investigators.

Nize turned his handgun back into its wand form and slipped it into his belt loop. He got up with his hands up, palms out. “Yes. We’re on official Zygerus Command business.” He stepped away from the courtesy desk.

Xaxyn’s cannon arm transformed back into a hand. “I assume you’ve got the paperwork to back up that claim?” She cautiously stepped out from behind the receptionist’s desk, but Corialis blasted another bolt of placator energy at her. “What the brohl?!”

“Stand down, Corialis,” Nize yelled as he hurried over to his partner.

“Why aren’t you firing at them,” Corialis replied as he shot another blast at the investigators.

Nize slapped the placators out of Corialis’ hands and shoved the albino onto his back. “What’s wrong with you? I’m trying to negotiate a peaceful way out of here, and you’re trying to get us both killed.”

“I thought you were trying to trick them into dropping their guard,” Corialis explained.

“That’s it,” Nize said. “I’m done with you. Our partnership is over. You’re an idiot.”

Corialis got up and shoved Nize back, but the big man did not budge. “Good,” he said. “I’m done with you too.”

Rayse and Xaxyn approached the arguing bounty hunters cautiously. “Let’s see your paperwork,” Rayse said with her placatory lowered, but still pointed in their general direction.

Nize turned to the Investigators and said, “I’ve got it right here.” He reached into a pocket a removed a sheet of electronic paper. He held it out to them. Nize kneeled to hand the slip of paper to the little biomechanoid.

Xaxyn accepted the paperwork. She unfolded it and examined it closely. Folding the sheet back into the square, she handed it back to Nize. “Everything is in order. Why didn’t you just show the warrant to the receptionist when you arrived?”

“You know how executives are,” Nize said. “If he knew we were coming to arrest him, he would have made a run for it. The element of surprise was the only way we could grab him and collect on our bounty in the most efficient manner possible.”

Corialis interrupted the conversation with one last demand to his former partner. “I expect my half of the bounty, Nize. I did half the work after all.”

Nize grumbled and said, “You’ll get it, Fiph.”

“If that’s all … I’m out of here,” Corialis said stomping out of the lobby.

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