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The Doctor, River, and Fan Fiction

DWChristmas_92-1200x675It has been a long time since I’ve written in this space. Life has a way of getting away from us and forcing our attention upon other things. Sadly, that was the case with me. However, I have gotten most of my chickens in a row and have been able to refocus on my writing. That’s not to say that I have not put strung words together, because I have continued to write show notes for the G & T Show, developed a new Doctor Who centric podcast, Straight Outta Gallifrey, in which to talk about the Doctor as I watched Classic Who episodes for the first time. Plus, I’ve helped out friends here and there with various other projects as well. Oh, and there was the Strange New Worlds anthology contest entry I managed to scrape together at the beginning of the year, but that is a matter for another blog post. For now, I want to talk about some Doctor Who fan fiction.

I had recently come across a post soliciting Doctor Who fan fiction for a free ebook that’s being compiled for The Doctor Who Project. They have an alternate Tenth Doctor (No Tennant) and a companion that are in need of some fun and exciting new adventures. After reading through the rules and procedures, I have to admit that I was intrigued, especially since I had never written a Who fan fiction story before. I put my thinking cap on and the seeds of a new story began to percolate. If nothing else came of it, it was an interesting intellectual exercise and discussion fodder for the next episode of my Doctor Who podcast.

According to their rules, the stories should be wholly original and should be grounded in Classic Who. This could be a problem, since I was much more familiar with the later doctors than the classic. However, I had been watching those episodes and was starting to get a feel for them. They were seeking a story proposal of no more than four to six paragraphs to start. They would select six stories and a Christmas special. If someone, such as myself was selected to turn their proposals into a fully fleshed out story, character bios, descriptions, and more would be provided by TDWP and we would then be required to write the story. Once completed and accepted, they would include the story in a free ebook that featured all of the others stories designating this particular “series”.

Deciding to give it a try, I whipped up a story proposal, shared it with a couple of beta readers that were friends and fans of Doctor Who. After receiving some good feedback, I made some minor changes and slapped a stamp on it and sent off into the ether, hoping that it not only will find its intended recipient, but that a response will be forth coming with permission to proceed. I will say that I have received a response that my story had been received and it will be read after the submission period has drawn to a close. I await that date.

In the meantime, a friend of mine with a connection to the editor of Science had mentioned my recent go at some Doctor Who fan fiction. It wasn’t long after that that I received a request from them to write another piece for them to publish on their site. With no restrictions other than a short word count, I decided to see what I could throw together in terms of an outline.

Ever since I first saw her, I have loved the character of River Song. So, I knew that whatever story I would decide to write for them would have to feature her in some way. I eventually decided on the time, place, and the other characters that would be featured in the story. With everything starting to fall into place, I put words on to a page and an outline magically appeared.

Now, that I had my outline, it was time to get to writing. A few hours later, I had a story which skirted the word limit, but accomplished everything I had set out to write in my outline. The only problem was that the title I had initially considered no longer worked for the story. I ultimately named the story after one of the other characters that appeared in the story. The next day, I revised it, shared it with some friends to beta read and integrated their feedback into the story before sending it out to my contact at A day later, word came back to me that the story had been received and would be published in the next week or two.

I am excited to see the story on their site and will gladly share it with all of you once it has gone live. It is my hope that you will check it out. Thanks and I’ll see you out there.

Update: The story has now been published as part of their Short Story Sunday feature. Check out Jim The Fish.

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