The Doctor, River, and Fan Fiction



The Doctor, River, and Fan Fiction It has been a long time since I’ve written in this space. Life has a way of getting away from us and forcing our attention upon other things. Sadly, that was the case with me. However, I have gotten most of my chickens in a row and have been able…

Ice World Truckers: Where did that come from?



Ice World Truckers: Where Did That Come From? In the future, space will be colonized. More than that, I believe it will also be commercialized. Planets, moons, and dozens of asteroids throughout the solar system will have humans living and working on them. As humanity expands outward from the core for scientific and commercial development,…

Trek News Network: Science Fiction to Science Fact



TNN: Science Fiction to Science Fact For the last month or so, I have been posting semi-regular articles for Trek News Network (TNN) under the header of Science Fiction to Science Fact. With each article in the series, I examine a piece of science fiction technology as seen on television, films, or in books and discuss…

Zygerus: Partners



Zygerus: Partners Rayse walked into the precinct office of the Zygerus Circuit Security. She had been summoned to the office by her commanding officer, Commander Urether, for a new assignment and to meet her new partner. Rayse had been a beat cop, walking the streets of Zygerus in quadrant three, zone sixty-five, between Alsuria and…