The Making Of: The Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special

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The Making Of: The Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special



The Making Of: The Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special

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Today is the release day for an audio production my friends and I have spent about a year planning, writing, recording, editing, and in general producing. Today the Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder crossover episode, Messages From The Outback Part One is unleashed upon the world.

I’ve been writing for audio dramas for quite sometime now. My first experience was for a production I began several years ago called, Gates of Sto’vo’kor. It began as a Klingon Centric audio play formatted as a podcast to discuss the game Star Trek Online from within the universe. Over the years it had evolved into an audio play. With our upcoming third season entering production, we are looking forward to producing the scripts we have written for the project.

My work as writer, director, and producer for Gates of Sto’vo’kor led to other projects, including being asked by George Silsby the Executive Producer and writer of Starfinder to help pen a script for their audio production. I called upon my friend and writing partner, Ross Bullock, to give me a hand with the script. We began brainstorming ideas and in the end, we came up with something we both liked.

I got to work on the first draft of the script. I spent several weeks writing and referring to the outline we had devised for the project. Once I had the first draft of the script A Gorn of A Different Color completed, I handed over to Ross. After several exchanges we had something we both liked. At the time, we really didn’t know how long this episode was going to be, but we were pleased with our work. We submitted the Gorn script to George for approval.

It was during the draft exchanges that the idea struck that we needed a prelude and by extension a post script that would set up the events in our script as well as place the Kradec and its crew where George, Ross, and I wanted them to be by the end of Starfinder’s first season run. I’m not exactly sure where the idea that it should be a crossover with Gates of Sto’vo’kor came from, although it could have originated from either George or myself.

Once again, I put fingers to keys and banged out a script for Messages From the Outback – Part One featuring the Gates of Sto’vo’kor’s introducing the IKS Kradec and its crew, while setting up the events we had planned for A Gorn of A Different Color. However, I didn’t stop there. While Ross looked over the first Messages script, I got to work on it’s conclusion. This second script dealt with the aftermath of the events put forth in Gorn and placed the Kradec and its crew in the positions we wanted them in advance of Starfinder’s third season.

Once Ross went over the scripts and George approved them, we put out a casting call for voices for all three scripts. The response we received was phenomenal and nearly had enough voices to fill every role with very few repeats. However, we did have a problem with the role of Valkara. The actress that had played her in Starfinder’s first episode was unavailable and we had no choice but to recast her. After a search, we were referred to Lacy Bennett by the gentleman who portrays ANN-D for Starfinder. With the roles cast, we went to work recording for all four scripts simultaneously.

Ross and I put on our directors hats and spent the next several months sitting with the various actors and getting the performances we needed for the scripts. When the final audio clip was recorded, I felt pretty burned out and took a brief break to recharge my batteries to work on another project. However, as life will often do, this brief intermission stretched out for several weeks and months and events turned my life upside down. I will spare you the details at this time.

Several months later, my life began settling down into a new routine and I got to work editing the Gorn audio and prepping Messages audio from production. I took on the Gorn script, while Ross picked up Messages and we started putting together our episodes.

It was at this time that we realized the Gorn of A Different Color episode was much larger than we had originally anticipated and could very easily be adapted into a two-part episode. IWe quickly determined where we wanted to split the script and got to work on episodes 3 and 4 of Starfinder. After three months of long days and nights, I had finished both episodes. The final versions had changed a bit from our original script, and additional audio had to be recorded and added in order to achieve the final product, including the addition of a song provided to us by the fine folks over at Comedia Beauregard.

While I finished up episodes 3 and 4, Ross got busy editing the actual Gates and Starfinder crossover scripts: Messages From the Outback Parts One and Two. He put his music experience to work producing the sound of the Messenger as well as “the song sung in one voice”. After hearing both, we were all very pleased with his work. He spent weeks producing the first part of Messages. When he completed the work, he jumped straight into its conclusion. At the time of this writing the second part of Messages was still in development, but was on schedule for the tentative release dates we had agreed upon.

George approved episodes 3 and 4 as well as Messages part one and after a lengthy debate, we decided on a release schedule that would allow us to tell the story without torturing our listeners with a lengthy wait between parts, while still giving Ross ample time to complete his work and sticking to our fast approaching release date.

Here we are on the release day for the first part of this epic four part crossover mini-series featuring the cast and crew of Starfinder and Gates of Sto’vo’kor, while introducing the cast and crew of the I.K.S. Kradec. In a last minute decision, we agreed to release the scripts for these episodes with the audio to give our friends with hearing impairment an opportunity to read what we have been working on.

Well, that as they say is that. This was the story of how we got here. How we proved ourselves mighty with the release this morning to the Gates of Sto’vo’kor’s website, Messages From The Outback – Part One. You can listen to the episode here. It will be released to Starfinder’s website next week. The next part of the story, Starfinder episode 3 – A Gorn of A Different Color – Part 1, will be released on December 5th. Starfinder episode 4 – A Gorn of A Different Color – Part 2, is slated for release on December 19th. Both of those will be available on Starfinder’s website. And, the final part of the story, Messages From the Outback – Part Two, will be released on Gates of Sto’vo’kor’s website on January 2nd and Starfinder’s site a week later.

It’s my hope you will check out the episode and the rest of the series as it comes out. Thanks for reading.

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