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Gates of Sto’vo’kor

GOS-2The Gates of Sto’vo’kor is back in production, after more than a year hiatus. We have nearly two dozen scripts written and earmarked as our third season. The season three crossover specials with Star Trek: Starfinder heralded our return to work on this project.

I created Gates of Sto’vo’kor nearly four years ago, when I realized that the massive multiple online game Star Trek Online was neglecting their Klingon faction. I was and still am a fan of this honorable race of warriors. I decided that something had to be done in order to draw attention to the faction. It was the honorable thing to do.

There were other podcasts that discussed the game. They were all basically identically and focused on much the same content. I wanted it to stand out and remain focused on the areas of the game that needed the most development — specifically, the Klingon faction. The concept I developed was for the show to take on the form of a role-play podcast / audio drama, where a group of Klingons would visit a bar on Qo’noS called the Gates of Sto’vo’kor to discuss the current state of the Empire.

I put out a call to determine interest in the concept and locate assistance. People seemed interested in the idea and even received a pair of volunteers. The three of us met to figure out what we wanted to do and to determine the characters we would be playing. It was at that moment that Korrath, G’hargh, and Wa’maH wej were born.

During that first meeting, we discussed a few ideas and topics for our first episode. With them ready, I set upon developing the first script for the show. A few days later, we met again and recorded our first episode, where we discussed some of the immediate needs of the faction. The website was developed and the first episode was edited together. It was my first putting together something of this nature, but I enjoyed the process. We released the episode and got a good response from the community. It even aired as part of other podcasts, including Priority One. We set to work on the next script.

During our first season, we were little more than a podcast in role-play. Wa’maH wej had to leave the show ending our first season. We put out another call for help and received an even greater response now that people were able to see what we were able to do. Deyvid, Hauk, and Sskald joined Korrath and G’hargh. Sskald was our first non-Klingon we invited to the group as a regular member. We started preparing for our second season.

For the second season, we started adding some elements of audio drama while keeping the show focused on our initial goal of bringing attention to the Klingon faction. Hauk and Sskald started to write scripts and edit episodes. Even though we kept the show anchored in the bar, we started adventuring out from there with some of our stories. And, as the season progressed, we started to figure out what we wanted to do and what was the best way for us to do it. We also started to move farther and farther away from the podcast format and more towards the audio drama. Karn, the Lethean, joined us as we started winding down our season. Zadok soon followed, but he would not officially appear as a Warrior of Sto’vo’kor until the third season.

Before our hiatus, we had the entire third season planned out and scripted. With this season, we were going to focus on straight drama. We are planning to leave the bar for some time and even introduced nemeses for the Warriors of Sto’vo’kor. We were confident that this upcoming season would be one of our best season yet. All we needed to do was begin recording audio and start editing. However, on several fronts, distractions with health and work interfered with our plans, forcing us into a hiatus.

After almost a year, we are back and ready to pick up where we left off. We’ve already recorded our first episode and I’m currently editing it together. It should be ready to be released soon. The next several episodes will be recorded in batches and passed out to the team we’ve assembled to help produce the episodes quickly. We are excited about what is coming and the what the future holds for the Gates of Sto’vo’kor. We’ve also started discussing some of our plans for next season, but nothing has been set in stone yet. We still have a lot to do before we get there, but we are excited for the journey that lies before us.

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