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Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris



Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris

fires of the phoenixDeath. Fire. Smoke. Twisted metal. Collapsed beams. Static-filled screens. People. Bloody and broken. Survivors. Relief. Smiles and laughter. Hugs and kisses. Victory. Freedom. Life.
A Ship. A Captain. A Crew. A Family.
T’Kosa: Now what?
Mishih: Let’s get as far from here as we can.
Telas: Where do we go?
Voris: I may know just the place.Vekton: T’Para? What do you say, Captain?
T’Para: Let’s find a new home.

The Fires of The Phoenix Comic is being produced in conjunction with Sarah M. Adams, “Nayeli”

Then, Voris became aware of another voice. It was one of the minds he had encountered in the lab’s chamber of artificial wombs. A brother. A sibling. Tholos had named him Mishih. Though, he didn’t seem all that interested in speaking with Voris, Voris was delighted to learn that he was not alone. He quickly warned Mishih to tread carefully in what he showed Tholos and Devak, and shared what he knew with the newly awakened sibling. It turned out that Mishih would share even more with Voris about what was happening in the lab as the technophile probed the lab’s computers and technologies for information.



Voris’ weakened abilities couldn’t experience very much, but it was obvious that Mishih was a sort of loose canon. His impulsiveness and unpredictability could cause them both substantial trouble if allowed to go unchecked. Voris tried to get him to understand what was at stake, and although Mishih did settle down a little, he was still more interested in doing things his own way. Voris realized that some lessons, people had to learn for themselves and could not be taught no matter how hard he tried. He just had to be prepared for the eventual fallout.

For months, they kept each other company across their telepathic link as Tholos and Devak dissected every aspect of Mishih’s psionic abilities, until there was nothing more for them to learn from him. They brought Mishih to the surface and placed him with a family after administering the psionic inhibitor and ensuring it worked.

Once Mishih was settled in, Voris came to visit him. Instantly, Voris recognized him as one of the people he had seen in his vision of their future. He handed the younger sibling a communicator, since Voris knew of Mishih’s abilities and his placement with a family that possessed nearly no technology on their farm just outside the village. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to raise Mishih’s spirits. The inhibitor limited Mishih’s abilities just as it had his own. It made Mishih feel better for a time.



Telas was the next mind to awaken, and it was the most powerful one Voris had encountered so far. He and Mishih feared for Telas and began talking to their new born sibling. They needed him to hold back on his powers. If the strength and breadth of his abilities were discovered, the fate of the galaxy could be at stake. Telas did as they suggested and limited his psionic readings to the bare minimum. Voris couldn’t figure out how he did it, but was glad that he had.

Voris knew something was wrong, when Devak and Tholos decided to keep Telas in stasis much longer than they had with him and Mishih. Mishih was unable to peruse the lab’s computers, and Voris had yet gained the strength to project himself into the lab due to the inhibitor’s effects. They relied on the information Telas described to them. Devak was up to something. He refused Tholos’ requests to remove Telas from stasis. Tholos gave in to Devak when he ordered Tholos to comply or destroy the specimen. When Tholos later detected the damage from the prolonged exposure to their stasis field, he held his ground against Devak and removed Telas from stasis. However, the damage had already been done and Telas was left blinded. Voris was surprised to discover that Telas was able to repair the damage done by the stasis field, but had chosen not to do it.

Telas’ healing ability wasn’t limited to himself. He was able to heal the physical wounds of others. Devak had come to the lab demanding to know why Tholos had been spending so much time in the Menagerie visiting with the Aenar. After an argument that left Tholos on the ground bleeding, Telas had healed the Andorian. By the time Voris had realized what was going on it was too late. The damage had been done. Tholos knew about Telas’ hidden abilities. Telas told Tholos he wanted to leave the lab. Tholos agreed to help him on the condition that Telas show him the truth about the strength of his abilities. Telas agreed against Voris’ and Mishih’s recommendations. When Tholos saw the scanner spike, he understood. A few days later, he kept his word and brought Telas to the surface to meet his new family. Voris and Mishih waited for Tholos to leave before making their formal introductions.



Voris recognized Telas from his vision. They spent the next several months getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company, until a new sibling awoke in the lab, and their concern for the new arrival’s safety became their top priority. His name was Vekton.

Vekton was able to read minds and extract information and experiences from them. He was also able to transfer it to others. He was able to obtain detailed information from Tholos about their research and progress. From Devak, he discovered his true identity and nature. Voris always suspected that Devak was not a Vulcan, but when he learned that he was actually a Romulan named Khoal, he suddenly understood the vision he had before deciding to hide his abilities from his “father”. Khoal would have used him and the rest of the siblings to transform the Romulan Empire into an unstoppable force.

Vekton funneled information to the siblings and bade his time until Tholos finally released him from stasis. Vekton’s psionic abilities may not have been as powerful as Telas’, but they were unique and would benefit them greatly as long as he didn’t draw unnecessary attention from Devak/Khoal. Vekton got the hint, and kept his abilities in check until Tholos convinced Khoal to release Vekton to a Vulcan family on the surface.

Voris and the others waited until Vekton was settled into his new life before they summoned him to the clearing. They greeted Vekton when he arrived. Their newest sibling had a gift for all of them. He knew exactly how the inhibitor worked. He shared the information with Telas, who figured out how to utilize the knowledge he was given and used it to alter each of their siblings so that the inhibitor lost its effect. Their powers returned in full force. Voris could not believe it. He was free once again to roam, to see far away places, and know the consequences of the choices he made. For Mishih, he was able to once again manipulate electrical energies and machinery. Telas, however, surprised them all when he summoned nearly every creature in the forest to his side.

Vekton, however, wasn’t done. He had another gift for them. He had reasoned that their powers could be focused on an individual to enhance their abilities far beyond what they were able to do alone. Vekton may have been the conduit, but Telas was the battery feeding their energies. In order to test their newfound strength, they focused on Mishih, who was able to penetrate the subterranean lab where each of them had been born, and once again perused their computers. It would come in handy when another sibling, T’Kosa awoke in the lab.



T’Kosa found she couldn’t move and panicked. Struggling against her restraints, she fought to get away from the pair of men that stared at her. Voris told her to remain calm. When he couldn’t get through to her, Vekton tried and succeeded in calming her. His presence had that affect on the siblings. They explained what was happening to her to the best of their ability. She reluctantly agreed to participate since she had no other obvious choices available to her.

For weeks she endured the tests and scans. Since her psionic abilities were on the low end of Khoal’s scale, Voris and the others kept her in the loop as to what they wanted from her. Once Tholos had learned all he could from the impassive scans and tests, it was time to progress to the next stage.

Voris’ ability to predict events before they happened was unreliable when dealing with certain erratic people, such as Mishih. What happened next, he never expected. Tholos removed T’Kosa from stasis. As she sat up and got to her feet, he was amazed by her strength of will and her physical prowess. It took Voris and the other siblings weeks before they were even able to walk. And yet, T’Kosa was standing and walking all on her own just minutes after being roused from stasis.

Suddenly, she struck Tholos and started running from the lab. Voris and the others yelled for her to stop, but she didn’t. Mishih convinced Telas and Vekton to help her escape and they relayed an escape route to T’Kosa. However, despite their best efforts, her escape attempt ended at the lift to the surface, when Khoal stepped from it with some kind of cattle prod. After striking her with it, she blacked out. Even though Voris couldn’t have predicted these events, he suspected the escape would not have ended well for her. He was glad that Khoal had not killed her.

T’Kosa found herself in stasis for the second time. Voris and the others pleaded with her not to do that again, because Khoal would not tolerate another escape attempt. When she was awakened again, Tholos kept her at arms length, while Khoal stood nearby with a disruptor at the ready. After convincing them that she would not attempt another escape, Tholos began to study her abilities more closely. Based on his scans and other collected data, he realized that her abilities were more physical than telepathic.



Khoal was intrigued by her and began to train her in various combat fighting styles. Voris feared for her. The more she learned, the more dangerous she became. He doubted even Tholos would be able to save her life by sending her to the surface. Voris had never been so pleased to be wrong, when Tholos got her to the surface and with her new family.

When she reached the clearing, Telas unlocked her abilities. She tested them and was relieved to find that her muscle memory, reflexes, and instincts were just as finely tuned as they always had been.

In that moment, they were happy. Voris wanted this moment to last, and it did for several weeks. However, he knew that their trials would soon begin as soon as their last sister awoke in the lab. They didn’t have to wait long for it. T’Para would change everything.

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