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Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris



Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris

fires of the phoenixDeath. Fire. Smoke. Twisted metal. Collapsed beams. Static-filled screens. People. Bloody and broken. Survivors. Relief. Smiles and laughter. Hugs and kisses. Victory. Freedom. Life.
A Ship. A Captain. A Crew. A Family.
T’Kosa: Now what?
Mishih: Let’s get as far from here as we can.
Telas: Where do we go?
Voris: I may know just the place.Vekton: T’Para? What do you say, Captain?
T’Para: Let’s find a new home.

The Fires of The Phoenix Comic is being produced in conjunction with Sarah M. Adams, “Nayeli”

A flash of memory that he had yet to make, sent him reeling. He saw it as clear as the first memory he had witnessed at the moment of his awakening. He saw faces. Five of them. Recognizing them, he realized they were the same people he had seen in that first vision. He still did not know who they were, but the sense of family and belonging lingered even after he returned to his body and rested.

The next day and everyday after, while Tholos was scanning his body, Voris projected his consciousness to the surface. He began exploring the village and its surrounds in earnest. He came to know the people of the village and found them to be good, hard working people that had little knowledge of the lab and the experiment conducted beneath their feet. They had no idea of the existence of the Menagerie and the true nature of Devak’s work. They also treated Devak like a savior, though why Voris could not imagine.

Eventually, Voris started venturing farther and farther from the village. He was strolling through the nearby forest, when he came across a clearing in the thick brush. As he entered into the approximate center of the clearing, Voris looked around and a series of memories hit him in waves. With each memory, a person he recognized from other memories materialized in the clearing. The first was fiddling with a small electronic device. The next was surrounded by small animals. The third person to appear spoke in an animated fashion. The fourth and final person to make their entrance was performing a complex acrobatic routine. Then, he noticed the person meditating almost on the spot he stood upon. It was him. As the memory faded, Voris sat down, crossed his legs and began meditating.

When Voris returned to the lab at the end of each day’s exploration, he visited his siblings and spent some time listening to their incoherent thoughts as he shared with them what he had found during the day’s explorations. Exhaustion always forced him to return to his body.

A few days later, Tholos came into the lab without his scanner. Devak entered a short time later. Tholos removed the stasis field from Voris and for the first time in his life, he felt the invisible restraints that held him melt away. He was able to move. However, he found that a little exertion required great effort. It took nearly all he had to sit up in the bed. Tholos told him to take it easy before asking Voris to swing his legs off the edge of the bed. Voris struggled, but managed to do so. Tholos ran a series of medical tests on him, such as checking his reflexes, motor control, and sensitivity. After a few minutes, the Andorian helped Voris lie back down to rest. With brief respites between exercises, Tholos helped Voris strengthen his muscles in preparation for getting him onto his feet and eventually mobile.

Weeks later, once Voris was ambulatory, the scanning and testing resumed, but this time with more interactive activities. He didn’t understand the tests, but soon realized that they were looking for something specific. When they discovered that he did not possess the qualities they sought, they began probing to discover what abilities he did posses.

An explosion of images shook him to his core. One after the other, a series of horrendous events unfolded before him, beginning with him and his siblings being thrown into the Menagerie, the Vulcans in the colony slaughtered, the colony and its moon wiped from the face of the quadrant in a cataclysm of unimaginable ferocity, that sparked a chain reaction of stars and planets across the galaxy being extinguished in a cold and methodical manner with Devak leading the charge in a chariot of death and destruction before being crowned Emperor Universalis.

Voris snapped awake. He couldn’t let that that happen. He had to find a way to stop Devak. He just needed to keep the extent of his powers hidden from them. Another image came to him — one he had seen before. Five people were with him. They were survivors, aboard a smoldering ship’s command center. They were happy and relieved. Despite the condition of the bridge, he felt safe.

The possible futures he saw led him to believe that it was not set. He could change the future, if he made the right decisions. Voris decided that the best decision right now was not to act. Instead, he imagined the clearing in the forest. He concentrated and projected himself to that locale, vacating his body and not giving Tholos and Devak anything for their efforts. He sat down in the center of the clearing and meditated quietly.

This went on for months, as Tholos and Devak tested his abilities and found nothing of interest from their efforts. Voris’ body operated on autopilot, providing responses to their questions and performing whatever basic operations the tests required. When the pair decided there was nothing more to be learned from Voris, Devak wanted Voris destroyed. The order got Voris’ attention. His mind returned to the lab.

Tholos reminded Devak that they had an agreement. He removed a hypospray from a locked cabinet filled with hundreds of similar hypos and set it down on the table between them. Tholos told Devak he had kept his part of the bargain, referring to the psionic inhibitor. Devak stared at it and fumed. Tholos assured him that he would personally administer the inhibitor daily. After a heated discussion, Devak reluctantly agreed to release Voris to a Vulcan family on the surface. It pleased Voris greatly.

Tholos had selected a family that he believed could be trusted. The story they had meticulously fed the Vulcans for the last several years would explain Voris’ presence and his utter lack of knowledge and experience as the first generation of genetically engineered Vulcans grown to help them repopulate the species.

Tholos injected the hypo into Voris. He didn’t feel any different. However, when he tried to use his abilities, he found that he couldn’t. Tholos had taken his powers away from him. He grew angry with Tholos for what he had done, even though he understood what was at stake. Once Tholos was convinced that Voris’ abilities barely registered on the psionic scanner, he took Voris to the surface and to his new family.

They were nice people, but they didn’t provide him the same feelings of family and kinsmanship as he had felt in the room where his siblings were being grown. Even after they bonded with him, they felt like strangers. They always would. They were kind and treated him well, giving him an education and the freedom to find his own path in the world. Voris was grateful for his adoptive family, but he could not fully trust them, because they thought so highly of Devak and Tholos. Their naivety to Devak’s and Tholos’ true identities and intentions made them dangerous. Voris decided to spend most of his time in isolation.

Whenever Voris left the house, he would go to forest clearing and meditate, trying to strengthen the spark of his abilities. As time went on, he found he had started building up a mild resistance to the inhibitor and was able to use his abilities in a very limited fashion. As long as the chemical pumped through his veins, he would never have complete control over his abilities.

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