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Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris



Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris

fires of the phoenixDeath. Fire. Smoke. Twisted metal. Collapsed beams. Static-filled screens. People. Bloody and broken. Survivors. Relief. Smiles and laughter. Hugs and kisses. Victory. Freedom. Life.
A Ship. A Captain. A Crew. A Family.
T’Kosa: Now what?
Mishih: Let’s get as far from here as we can.
Telas: Where do we go?
Voris: I may know just the place.Vekton: T’Para? What do you say, Captain?
T’Para: Let’s find a new home.

The Fires of The Phoenix Comic is being produced in conjunction with Sarah M. Adams, “Nayeli”



Voris awoke from his slumber in the maturation chamber with his first memory burned into his consciousness. He couldn’t move, but he wasn’t tied down. He heard voices and machines, but he couldn’t see anything except for the bright lights above his head. All he could do was listen. They were talking about him. They called him Specimen 558y, but he knew that was not right, or wouldn’t be that way for long.

The blue one with the antennae was named Tholos and gave Specimen 558y a name. He chose the name Voris and began using it on every report he sent to Devak, the one with the pointed ears. Devak refused to acknowledge the name. Tholos referred to Devak as Voris’ father, since Devak’s genetic material had been used in his creation. Tholos hoped that by referring to Devak as Voris’ father it would force Devak to connect with their specimens as more than just one of their science experiments. Voris wasn’t sure if it ever worked as well as Tholos had hoped.


Tholos “The Chimeric Geneticist”

Voris was subjected to intensive scans and tests. He didn’t like them, but Tholos explained what he was doing every step of the way. It made the tests more tolerable, but he didn’t like them or the Andorian that administered the tests. But, he liked his father even less.

While Tholos scanned Voris’ physicality, the intangible substance of his being roamed the halls of the subterranean lab. The genetic research was enormous and was divided into several chambers, each filled with strange technology that could have come from multiple sources but all performed related tasks. Moving on, Voris found the Menagerie and the dozen or so beings that Devak contained there in a state of suspended animation. He could sense their minds, but they were non-responsive at best. Their hibernation was deeper than the one they had placed him in.

When Devak entered the Menagerie, Voris watched as he approached one of the upright stasis chambers and extracted a fresh DNA sample from the first of the specimens. Stepping to the next, he repeated the procedure, until he had collected samples from every species represented in his Menagerie. Voris followed Devak as his “father” entered the lab and stored the fresh samples in refrigerated chamber. When Devak left the lab again, Voris continued to follow him, wanting to learn more about the man with the pointed ears.

Devak / Khoal

Devak / Khoal

Devak stepped into a lift and rode it for a several minutes. When the doors opened up, Voris was amazed and stunned by what he discovered. There was a quaint village and an entire world far above them. The village had been constructed of scuttled starships and expanded with lumber from the nearby forests and stone from the mountains. It was a peaceful and surreal place compared to the sterile environment of the lab. When Voris noticed that Devak had moved on and was no where in sight, he concentrated on his father and found him nearby.

Voris followed and watched Devak as he interacted with the townspeople. He was friendly and courteous. It was vastly different than the man he had come to know from the lab. Everyone in the village seemed to like him, but he suspected they did not know the real Devak as well as he had in his few short weeks of existence.

Voris observed Devak purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from an outdoor market, before approaching a door cut into the side of a grounded starship. He went inside and began preparing dinner for himself. It was his house. It was plain and non-assuming and seemed to match the identity the Vulcans on the surface knew him by. However, Voris knew that it was just a ruse.

Sensing that Tholos was finishing his scans and tests on his body, Voris returned to the lab by concentrating on it. He observed Tholos as he retrieved the fresh samples Devak had obtained from the Menagerie and began sequencing the DNA. An interactive projection of the first DNA sample appeared in the lab’s research annex. Tholos manipulated the DNA, isolating gene sequences and setting them aside. He moved on to the next specimen and the next until he had accumulated gene sequences from every sample. Voris didn’t quite understand what the Andorian was doing, but he suspected it had something to do with his own origins.

In a nearby refrigeration unit, Tholos retrieved two more samples. The first was clearly marked Devak, while the other had the cryptic code VR-43M scrawled upon its label. Tholos took them to the gene sequencer and processed each of them. Once both genes were displayed side by side, he inserted or replaced sections of both DNA strains with the samples obtained from the Menagerie. Once the new DNA samples were resequenced, he combined them into a zygote and placed the samples in a near by incubator.

At the incubator, Tholos scanned and examined the developing embryos. Running comprehensive scans, he disposed of those that had not produced a viable organism. Taking the most mature of the embryos into another chamber, he injected them into artificial wombs. Voris looked around the chamber and saw dozens of children in various phases of prenatal development. He could sense the more mature ones of the group, in ways that he could not with Tholos, Devak, and even the Vulcans he had seen on the surface. It was at that moment, that Voris realized that these were in fact his siblings.

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