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FarTrek StarScape

FarTrek StarScape

Portar, the Benzite scientist, emerged from the turbo lift. He quickly walked around the bridge looking over the shoulders of the on duty crewmen as he evaluated each of their efforts. He passed in front of Captain Dorra d’Hexplora before taking a seat beside her. He leaned towards her and said, “The experiment is ready. It’s time to begin, Captain. May we proceed?”


Scorpius waited patiently in the docking bay with a dozen squads of elite commandos standing ready to board the alien vessel the moment it touched down. Prowlers buzzed about overhead. In the distance, he could see the alien vessel approaching with their escorts. Some of the prowlers were landing; the others circled over the designated landing site. Scorpius just stood there knowing full well that with enough time and patience, he would learn all they knew about wormhole weapons.

The delta-flyer class shuttle grew larger as it continued its approach, hovered over the designated berth, and came to a smooth, soundless landing just a few metras from where Scorpius and his company of Peacekeeper commandos were. As other prowlers continued to oversee the scene from the air, the soldiers rushed in to surround the shuttle with weapons drawn. With every conceivable angle covered, the Peacekeepers were an efficient and focused military force.

Scorpius stepped towards the front of the shuttle and stopped to peer triumphantly through its large window. He counted three strange alien beings and a pair of creatures that could easily pass as Sebacean inside. One of the Sebacean-like aliens in the forward section of the shuttle waved his hand palm out at him in some kind of greeting. Scorpius cocked his head to the side in curiosity at the strange gesture. He bared his teeth and hissed in response. It startled the aliens. He turned and walked away from the window with a grin. The shuttle’s occupants rose to their feet to greet their new host. Scorpius went to the shuttle’s hatch just as it opened and waited for its occupants to step out.

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