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Treasured Memories – The Longest Night Watch



A few months ago, my good friend, Janet Gershen-Siegel, invited me to participate in a charity anthology she was writing a short story for. The anthology was to benefit the Alzheimer's Association in honor of fantasy scribe Terry Pratchett. The proposition immediately sparked my interest because of my grandparents. Although neither of them suffered from…

The Doctor, River, and Fan Fiction



The Doctor, River, and Fan Fiction It has been a long time since I’ve written in this space. Life has a way of getting away from us and forcing our attention upon other things. Sadly, that was the case with me. However, I have gotten most of my chickens in a row and have been able…

Ice World Truckers: Where did that come from?



Ice World Truckers: Where Did That Come From? In the future, space will be colonized. More than that, I believe it will also be commercialized. Planets, moons, and dozens of asteroids throughout the solar system will have humans living and working on them. As humanity expands outward from the core for scientific and commercial development,…

Fires of the Phoenix – Character Bio: Voris



Fires of the Phoenix - Character Bio: Voris Death. Fire. Smoke. Twisted metal. Collapsed beams. Static-filled screens. People. Bloody and broken. Survivors. Relief. Smiles and laughter. Hugs and kisses. Victory. Freedom. Life. A Ship. A Captain. A Crew. A Family. T’Kosa: Now what? Mishih: Let’s get as far from here as we can. Telas: Where…

Writer’s Block



Writer’s Block Andrew Wilson had been staring at the blank sheet of paper for the last five minutes. He tapped out a handful of words on his 1955 Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter that he had bought from a pawn shop in Phoenix for $10 bucks more than twenty years ago. Since then, the typewriter traveled…

Zygerus: Partners



Zygerus: Partners Rayse walked into the precinct office of the Zygerus Circuit Security. She had been summoned to the office by her commanding officer, Commander Urether, for a new assignment and to meet her new partner. Rayse had been a beat cop, walking the streets of Zygerus in quadrant three, zone sixty-five, between Alsuria and…

FarTrek StarScape



FarTrek StarScape Portar, the Benzite scientist, emerged from the turbo lift. He quickly walked around the bridge looking over the shoulders of the on duty crewmen as he evaluated each of their efforts. He passed in front of Captain Dorra d’Hexplora before taking a seat beside her. He leaned towards her and said, “The experiment…

The GAIA Project



The GAIA Project "Welcome to the GAIA Project's headquarters and primary terrestrial-based research and investigative institute," the tall man with the English accent said to the group of distinguished dignitaries representing every geo-political union, governmental group, and scientific organization on Earth. "Welcome to the GAIA Project's headquarters and primary terrestrial-based research and investigative institute," the…

Separation Anxiety



Separation Anxiety   Teddy was searching his room for his favorite toy. It was messy already and getting messier by the minute as he tore it apart looking for Billy Bear. “Mom!” he cried out. “I can’t find Billy anywhere. Have you seen him?” She was down stairs. Teddy continued searching his room until the…