Blood of the Nei’rrh Is Finally Ready to Enter Production

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Blood of the Nei’rrh Is Finally Ready to Enter Production



Blood of the Nei’rrh Is Finally Ready To Enter Production

thAfter nearly a year of planning, writing, and a number of setbacks imposed by a number of personal and professional commitments, the Blood of the Nei’rrh audio drama is back on track and moving forward. In fact, this week, the project hit a number of milestones that has moved it officially from pre-production to the production phase.

The Blood of the Nei’rrh, BoN as we lovingly refer to it, was the brain child of Mike Tripp, a friend and member of my Gates of Sto’vo’kor audio production. He wanted to spin off a Romulan audio drama from Gates. Ross Bullock liked the idea and jumped on board. After hearing their pitch, I agreed to let them proceed with a same script to gauge audience interest in the new show.

Ross and Tripp started planning the scene. Ross took the lead in writing its first draft, with subsequent passes performed by Tripp and myself. The scene featured the character of G’hargh, linking the project to the Gates of Sto’vo’kor, and introduced three new characters. With the script ready, Ross once more took the lead to produce the scene. Tripp, Ross, and my cohost for the G & T Show, Nick Minecci, brought the three main Romulan characters to life, while Mike Coleman reprised his role as G’hargh and Deyvid Holquin and I offered our voices to help fill in some of the other required roles.

As Tripp experienced more and more issues that limited his participation in the project, he eventually had to step down. Ross was undeterred. He took on the role of Executive Producer for the series pilot and got it finished by editing it himself. When it was ready for release, we waited and watched as feedback started rolling in. People seemed genuinely excited about the project and many of them wanted to get involved.

The next step in the process was to gather the interested parties to discuss the show’s premise, its characters, and other aspects of the production. Over the course of several meetings, in which, I attended to observe and offer my thoughts privately to Ross on the general procedure. The group had pitched several ideas about the ship, the characters, and more. Ross identified those aspects he liked and fit best with what he wanted out of the show – he regarded those that did not work.

After several meetings, the core team had formed consisting of Ross, George Silsby, Anthony Battles, Marvin McHardy, Sunseahl, and myself. A character bible was developed; a general story outline for a six episode season was generated, and episodes were assigned to each of us to author. I was assigned the fourth episode of the series, while Ross picked up the first and George took on the finale. Sunseahl picked up an episode, while Anthony and Marv collaborated on the final script.

Within a matter of weeks, the first of the scripts came in. By the time, Ross was called away for several months for some professional business; most of the scripts had been completed and turned in. While on hiatus, he reworked each of the scripts in order to get them to tell a coherent story that fit his expectations and the various documents the group had created. When he returned, Ross had five scripts he was content with. The final script was still unfinished since George had been working on his own audio series, Starfinder, which was starting to pick up steam. After pestering George, the finale was finally completed.

While Ross revamped the finale script, I began going over the first five scripts looking for plot holes, readability issues, and any other problems. Some of the scripts required little effort on my part, while others needed more attention. By the time I was finished with the five scripts, Ross had completed his revision of the finale. While Ross started to review my changes and incorporating them into the final draft, I reviewed the finale.

Once I finished my review, Ross incorporated the changes and informed us that he had received orders and was going to be unavailable again for several more months. We decided that we needed to move the project forward at an accelerated pace or risk delaying it substantially longer. I went to work revamping the project’s website, while Ross established our social media presence.

This week we put out a casting call to fill the roles for our main and ancillary cast members. If you’re interested in lending your voice to us for this project, please contact As soon as we can get the roles filled, we can begin recording and editing the show. With your help, we can make this production a great series.

If you don’t want to miss out on the latest news regarding the Blood of the Nei’rrh, check out our website, follow us on Twitter at @BonRomShow and on Facebook at BonRomShow. We are excited about this show and hope that you will be too.

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